Goodbye from the Sky offer a large range of services to make your final farewell truly special.

How we work

Due to the nature of our service it is difficult to explain and provide an example of how the day runs as each Goodbye is completely unique to your requirements, There are many different services from the scattering of a relatives ashes to the scattering of a much loved family pet.

A scattering can be as simple or as elaborate as you require it to be, we can provide a wide range of ideas and are more than happy to accommodate any unique, personalised requests that are presented to us.

Here are some examples...

Quiet scattering with background music on location or even a string quartet, harpist any preferred instrument that brings back special memories.

A scattering in more than one location - sometimes its difficult to choose one special place.

A farewell flight past a favourite place can be done whist carrying the ashes onboard the drone or maybe you would just like the area filming as part of the final film.

We are often asked just record the the scattering and present you with the film if you can't or prefer not to be present, this is also asked for when a loved ones ashes are requested to be scattered abroad.

In the past we have been asked to scatter some of the ashes and make up a memorial box containing special items along with a some of the remaining ashes.

We are asked by many families to incorporate home movies and pictures into the memorial film.

Although many people choose to have their ashes buried in a cemetery or special place we do get asked to do a final flight for them, this could be past a favourite football stadium, golf course or just a place close to their hearts.

A popular request is to have a few word spoken on the day this could be preformed by a religious or non religious attendant or just a person friend close to the family.

We are always happy to welcome new ideas and as this is something very personal to you and your family we always strive to arrange all you wishes.

On the day

Once you have talked to our team and chosen on your locations and all your any additional requests you would like to include have been decided a timetable for the day will be sent to you.

On the day all parties will meet at the pre-arranged location, when everybody attending is present a brief safety chat will be presented by a member of the Good bye from the Sky team.


When you and your family group are ready we will play any music of your choosing and the Goodbye from the Sky team will fly the drone in to your view and then take your ashes on the pre-planned route, this maybe passed a favourite sports venue, across a well walked hillside or even just a much loved personal place.

Good bye from the Sky along with yourselves will then move to the second location for the final scattering of the ashes.

The team will fly the drone in to your view and when the drone is in the correct position we will then start the realise of the ashes, this is always a very emotional time and with the addition of petals the affect is beautiful.

Goodbye from the Sky have partners across the world, your not limited only to the UK.

Scattering of ashes abroad has become a popular option whether your loved one had spent many years living away or even just a favourite holiday destination Good bye from the sky can arrange and film the scattering of your ashes all around the world, this can be done with family present or filmed and recorded for you as the perfect send off.

Family pet

"I didn’t want my dogs ashes scattering but I felt guilty having them in a box on my window ledge thinking I needed something to remind me of him, I got in touch with GBFTS for any ideas they may have within a few days they came back with a perfect answer, a glass memory box that could hold our dogs ashes along with a picture from where we used to walk along with a few pebbles from the beach, his favourite toy and collar, this beautiful box now stands proud on my fireplace, it brings back lovely memories and makes me smile every day".