Sports fans

Goodbye from the Sky can now offer farewell flights incorporating a loved ones favourite sporting venue, from a football stadium, race course, cricket ground or even a golf course, yet another fabulous way to send someone on their last voyage.

Football Packages

Football stadiums have always been a place where fans have wanted their ashes scattered and for obvious reasons, this hasn't been possible. Goodbye from the Sky can now give your loved one their final flight around their favourite stadium and disperse the ashes locally or just a simple fly-by - all recorded in HD quality with music as the perfect last farewell.

Golf Packages

Imagine Goodbye from the Sky recording a family member or friend driving a golf ball from the first tee then as the ball SORES into the air our drone carrying the ashes takes over filming flying high above the course taking in the surrounding scenery and finally coming to rest at the 18th hole then watching the ball roll into the hole and maybe a few beers in the bar afterwards like a real  final round of golf.  If you wish, we can then scatter their ashes on the golf course or close by - just one example of a perfect send off for a golfing fanatic to take his last round of golf.  All of this produced by family and friends and recorded to keep for years to come, maybe even add the memory glass unit with some of his favourite items like cuttings from the 18th green, his favourite glove and ball sealed in this unique keepsake unit. 

Circuit Packages

A trip around a formula 1 race track is hard enough for anyone to make so an F1 enthusiast would love to fly from grid to chequered flag whilst doing some altitude flying over the track as a last tick on a bucket list, just a scattering at such a venue is all well and good but imagine giving your loved one that final farewell flight around the track maybe with sound effects of F1 cars or just simply to music of your choice and then if you wanted a scattering, a pre determined place close by or maybe somewhere else that makes it that very special memory of your loved ones love of Formula 1 and a favourite mountain or walk. 


Another favourite place to scatter a loved ones ashes is the race course.  How about a final flight as the starting stalls spring open and your loved ones ashes on board our drone fly over a jump or two giving you the horses' eye view before lifting up high giving you spectacular views of the race course below before descending and passing the finishing post and landing in the winners enclosure.  We can then scatter their ashes on the racecourse or close by providing you with a video set to music as a special memory of the day.

Perfect For Your Loved One

Our farewell flights can be tailored to almost any area you choose and can be flown to your very own selected flight path, making you the producer of your loved ones final flight in this world and have it documented to watch whenever you want with family and friends or just as a gentle reminder to help with the grieving process.

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