Q. Can you scatter ashes without family present?

A. Yes, we can scatter for you and provide you with a short film.

Q. Do you allow multiple locations?

A. Yes, You can have as many locations as you wish.


Q. Can you scatter pets ashes?

A. Yes, many of our scatterings are for pets.


Q. Can you scatter ashes abroad?

A. Yes, We Scatter ashes abroad for many ex-pats and families who have had special holiday spots.


Q. How do I know you are scattering our ashes?

A. We normaly don't take control of the ashes until we are with you on-site, If you are not attending the scattering we will arrange to collect the ashes and they will be labeled and sealed until the arranged scattering date. 

Q. How long are the finished films?

A. All films are unique, depending on your wishes and the locations you have selected - our average film length is usually 2-3 minutes.